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Africa Writ Large | College of Letters & Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Once you start clicking through Brittle Paper, the sprawling digital magazine Ainehi Edoro created to chronicle African literature and literary culture, it’s hard to stop. One link takes you to a blurb covering the Oxford English Dictionary’s recent inclusion of 29 Nigerian words, the next to a hefty profile of a globally influential British-Zimbabwean fiction editor who’s opening doors for many writers from Africa and the African diaspora.

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Cheese Curds

When I moved back to Wisconsin, my home state, two years ago, I couldn't help saluting the first huge sign I saw, just over the Illinois-Wisconsin border, for cheese curds—those squiggly, squeaky chunks of young cheddar we learn to love early here in America's Dairyland. Right along the Interstate to Milwaukee, there's a cluster of cheese-curd, porn and firecracker stores that has always made me wonder about the guy who would indulge in all three; but driving a distance to score curds alone—well, that makes sense to almost any Wisconsinite.