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Cheese Curds

When I moved back to Wisconsin, my home state, two years ago, I couldn't help saluting the first huge sign I saw, just over the Illinois-Wisconsin border, for cheese curds—those squiggly, squeaky chunks of young cheddar we learn to love early here in America's Dairyland. Right along the Interstate to Milwaukee, there's a cluster of cheese-curd, porn and firecracker stores that has always made me wonder about the guy who would indulge in all three; but driving a distance to score curds alone—well, that makes sense to almost any Wisconsinite.


Make Better: Personal Style

At the age of seven, I first felt it all coming together for me, style-wise, in the dressing room of Milwaukee's now sadly deceased Gimbels department store. I'd just pounced on a purple fake-fur-trimmed maxi coat in the kids' department—a cartoonishly shrunken version of something my man Jimi Hendrix might have worn. And as I spun before the mirror giddily petting the collar ("Real German shepherd fur!"), my mom knew that protest would be pointless—this shaggy piece, sparker of so many future r